The Art and Science

of helping people

find their way into

and out of unfamiliar or complex environments with ease, safety and comfort.



Wayfinding Intro


Wayfinding systems have the combined impact of architecture, landscaping, interior design, lighting, art, signs, people, printed

and digital information. Used together as a system these

components can communicate information effectively,

helping people make good decisions about how to get to and

from their destination. A good wayfinding system minimizes the

amount of time, attention and energy people need to spend finding

their way, or helping others find their way.


A good wayfinding system should make movement through a

building or campus highly intuitive. Good wayfinding systems

do not rely on signs alone. A broad approach will reduce frustration, stress and unpleasant sensation of being lost.

Orient - Direct - Find - Get out


Government Complexes


Office Sign Systems

Sports Facilities

Trail Maps

Parking Garages





Attraction Signage


How much time do your employees waste directing lost clients?

Focus on the visitor experience